Incarnation Elemenatary School


Would you like a roof that only required a coating every 10 years or so to keep it in tip top condition?

Incarnation Elementary School has several buildings on their campus. Over the years they have torn off and replaced their roofs. Eleven years ago they needed to do something about their leaking roofs. Instead of tearing them off and starting over, Century Roofing showed them how it was possible to reinforce their existing roof, making it tougher than when the roof was originally installed.


Their roof was reinforced with a tough polyester membrane and emulsion. Emulsion is a mixture of pure asphalt and bentonite clay. Emulsion is one of the best waterproofing materials available and creates a thick waterproofing layer that will slow the aging process by keeping the roof pliable. A final coating of aluminum protected the finished roof.


Once the polyester reinforced roof was installed, the reconditioned roof could be maintained without ever having to  be replaced.


The valley areas were reinforced with an extra layer of polyester and emulsion.

After 11 years the roof does not leak and is still in waterproof condition despite the fading aluminum

Before coating, the roof was power washed.

All pipes and vents were flashed with rubberized elastomeric cement.


11 Years Later

Recently Incarnation school upgraded their buildings and decided to take a look at the roofs even though they didn’t have any leaks. A roof survey showed the roofs were still in very good condition even though the final aluminum coating had dulled from the sun.


They decided to improve the roofs with a special white coating that would block harmful ultra violet light from the sun and extend the roof life another 10 years.


The low valley areas where water traveled to the drains were coated with another layer of polyester and emulsion. All of the drains and pipes were sealed off with rubberized elastomeric cement. After the repairs were made, the roof was cleaned with a high power pressure washer.


Once the roof was ready, Advanced Coating’s Acu-Flex white acrylic was applied in three separate applications.


The white acrylic coating benefits them in 4 ways:


1. The Acu Flex coating blocks 100% of all UV rays from getting to the roof membrane, thereby extending roof life.


2. School utility bills will be reduced because the coating reflects and dissipates heat from the sun.


3. The school extends the life of the roof an additional 10 years for about 1/3 the cost of a new roof.


4. In 10 years, the coating can be renewed, extending the life of the roof again without having to reroof.


Century Roofing has been using emulsion and acrylics for three generations. We have been combining them with tough polyester reinforcement material for 17 years.


To find out more about long lasting energy saving roofs call us. We can show you how to start a maintenance program to make your roof last decades.



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