A New Beginning for LA Gauge


L.A. Gauge, a company in Los Angeles, California had a leaking roof that bothered them for a long time. Their building had a conventional fiberglass capsheet roof. A few years after the roof was installed it started to leak. They decided to fix the leaks by installing a foam roof system over the capsheet. They were told that the foam would insulate the building and be a great roof.


After the foam was installed the new roof developed blisters. Once the coating covering the foam started to wear through, the roof began to deteriorate rapidly. They tried patching it with more foam and also conventional roofing material. They even used tarps in a futile attempt at keeping dry inside. They were desperate for something that would work.








Century Roofing introduced them to a roofing system that is much tougher and longer lasting than their old roof. It is a built up roofing system that uses a tough polyester ply sheet that is 86 times tougher than commodity type roofs that use fiberglass ply sheets. Polyester ply sheets have the ability to expand and contract without splitting, giving the roof incredible strength and flexibility.


After the old roof was torn off, a new built up roof was installed using the extra tough polyester. Special care was taken around the many penetrations in the roof. Attention to detail is one of the most important factors in getting a good roof.


Once the roof was installed, a special high-pressure gun sprayed 9 gallons of emulsion per 100 square feet square while at the same time shooting 3 lbs. of chopped fiberglass into the emulsion. This creates a thick waterproofing barrier that will last for decades.








Emulsion is a mixture of pure asphalt and bentonite clay. It seals off the underlying roof and creates a thick waterproofing layer that will slow the aging process by keeping the roof pliable. The chopped fiberglass bulks up the coating and gives it added strength creating a roof that will last more than 20 years. Once this cured, an aluminum coating was applied which helps in blocking harmful UV rays and assists in keeping the facility cooler inside.


After the roof system was complete, walking deck was installed to all of the high foot traffic areas.


Upon completion, L.A. Gauge received a 10 year warranty. A maintenance plan was started. This will make the roof last far longer than the warranty period.


Century Roofing has been installing tough polyester reinforcement material for 17 years. If you have tough, difficult, or unusual waterproofing concerns, we can help. May we put three generations of waterproofing know how to work for you?



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