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Ren-Mar Studios has several stages that they rent to movie and television production companies. Clients rent their stages from a few days to several months. One thing they can't have is a leaky stage that disrupts production.


Stages 8 & 9 are in a high building with a rolling barrel roof. The shingles on the sloping edges and the capsheet roof on top were completely worn out. It had been leaking for several years. During the rainy season, leaks would bring production to a halt and Ren-Mar would have very mad tenants.

Base sheet nailed in foreground. Finished polyester and emulsion section in the background

Preparing the old roof and beginning the tear off



Odorless Roofing

A conventional built up roof creates noxious fumes during installation that would disturb tenants in nearby stages. A torch applied roof system using an open flame was too dangerous to apply.


Century Roofing offered a solution that was both safe and odor free; a cold process roof with a fiberglass base sheet and polyester and emulsion ply sheets.


The stage was dangerous to tear off and work on because there were no parapet walls along the eaves. A cable system was anchored to the roof allowing workers to attach safety lines, keeping them from falling off while working. A portable stair- ladder was constructed to make it easier to work along the bottom edge.


After the roof was torn off, one layer of fiberglass capsheet was inverted and nailed down. Six gallons per 100 square feet of emulsion was applied to the roof deck followed by one layer of polyester. This process was repeated for a total of two layers.


Emulsion is a mixture of pure asphalt and bentonite clay. It is far superior to asphalt that is used in hot applied roofs. Emulsion seals off the roof and creates a thick waterproofing layer that will slow the aging process by keeping the roof pliable.


Polyester ply sheets are much tougher than conventional fiberglass. They have the ability to expand and contract without splitting on a large building like stage 8 & 9, giving the roof incredible strength and flexibility.


Embedding the polyester material into the emulsion

Working along the edge of the steep stage



Extra Tough Polyester

After the polyester and emulsion dried, a special high-pressure gun sprayed 9 more gallons of emulsion per 100 square feet square while at the same time shooting 3 lbs. of chopped fiberglass into the emulsion. This creates an impenetrable waterproof barrier that will last for decades.


Once this cured, a final coating of aluminum was applied. Aluminum helps in blocking harmful UV rays and helps keep the facility cooler inside.


After the whole roof system was finished, a walking deck was installed to all of the high foot traffic areas.


Upon completion Ren-Mar received a 10 year warranty. A maintenance plan was implemented to keep the roof doing its job far longer than the warranty period.


Century Roofing has been installing tough polyester reinforcement material for 24 years.


If you have tough, difficult, or unusual waterproofing concerns, we can help.


May we put three generations of waterproofing know how to work for you?


Applying the final coat of aluminum

Spraying the top coating of chopped fiberglass and emulsion



The Finished Roof


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